Sajid Bostan- Bostan Brothers Links – #Rotherham #ChildSexualExploitation


The man charged with 11 offences relating to historic child sexual exploitation in Rotherham namely Sajid Bostan is one of the Bostan Brothers.

Sajid Bostan is Vice-Chairman of the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association (RPHDA) and is able to turn out an angry baying mob when called upon to ‘persuade’ the Council to change it’s mind on taxi licencing etc.
The Bostan brothers who are at the heart of the taxi trade in Rotherham. Two have recently been arrested as part of the historical abuse investigations being conducted by the National Crime Agency as operation Stovewood.
They have also had their Taxi Drivers licences revoked as a result.

The Bostan “bad brothers”

Sajid, Majid, Haq, Shanawaz and Arfan are the Bostan “bad brothers!”

One brother Arfan, is highly involved with the British Muslim Youth (founder Muhbeen, nephew of Mahroof) so again using BMY to hide their, rather, distasteful views on things.

Mubeen Hussain’s (BMY) father Sabir Hussain’s sister is married to Sajid Bostan. He has 2 daughters.
Ex Labour councillor MBE Mahroof Hussain’s ex sister in law is married to Sajid Bostan.
All are closely related to Cllr Shaukat Ali, Ex Cllr Mahroof Hussain and new Labour Cllr Tajamal Khan.

Pictured here 1 is Sajid and Pc Richard Butterworth. 
Also let’s not forget Sajid and Rotherham MP Sarah Champion Picture 2.
Picture 3 MP Sarah Champion and new Rotherham East Labour elected Cllr Tajamal Khan.




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