WPWW Day – 28th March – #Manchester


This is the third White Pride World Wide Day. the first and second were in Wales and this year it comes to England 

A day for us indigenous of this land to can come together to celebrate our culture and our right to be white,without fear off persecution.

After the day event there will be an evening event with music and a free buffet. (See the picture below)



North West Infidels #Blackburn Demo


On the 11th April the North West Infidels will be hosting a demonstration in Blackburn.

For the reasons why follow this link:


North West Infidels Facebook page:


All groups are welcome to attend.

South East Alliance Unity Demo #Rotherham


A statement from Rotherham Council said: “The author clearly has no confidence in the current political leadership of Rotherham Borough Council.”

As a Cabinet, whatever the details, as the political leadership of the council we must take responsibility.We therefore announce our intention to resign our positions as soon as transitional arrangements can be put in place.”

There it is in black and white their own admission that they are at fault for failing not 1400 but 2000 or even more of our young girls. 

We and all other groups welcome the impending resignations of all of the present Rotherham Council members BUT, and this is a very big BUT, do they really expect us to think that is enough?? NO IT IS NOT!!

Every single one of them should be held accountable for the part they, and all of the other relevant authorities, played in failing those 2000 girls and we will be in Rotherham stressing these points on the 7th March. 

This is by far one of the biggest scandals in recent history and all those involved should be held accountable for their wrong doings.

Rotherham, 7th March. Where we Fightback for our Children because those that are supposed to do won’t.