Kangaroo court finds brave young patriot guilty in blatant set up!


Kangaroo court finds brave young patriot guilty in blatant set up!

Today, in a massive miscarriage of justice, an innocent young man has been convicted in a Manchester kangaroo court of “Racially Aggravated Section 4”.

Several months ago, a gang of Pakistani thugs attacked a group of white teenagers in Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester England.

Video if the incident here:


In the following week, various groups descended on the area, which has been massively overun with muslim immigrants, in protest at the attack, the latest of many attacks on whites in England following the murder of Soldier Lee Rigby, who was beheaded in broad daylight on a busy London street, by 2 black muslims.

A group of National Front members and supporters travelled to Ashton, the area of the attack on the teenagers, and demonstrated outside the biggest mosque in the area.

Within minuites, Manchester Police TAU, the heavy handed “wannabe SWAT team”, arrived and grabbed a 17 year old young man, man handled him and arrested him.

The Police officer claimed that the teenager had said “Allah is a pedo”, and arrested him on a charge of Racially Aggravated Section 4.

In the following video, showing the incident outside the mosque, it can clearly be seen that all the lad had said, was “Soldier killers, off our streets!” in reference to the murder of Lee Rigby.


The magistrate in court today said that even if it was proven that he didnt say, “Allah is a pedo”, and said” Soldier killers off our streets”, then that would still constitute as “offensive”, and result in a guilty verdict.

There was one corrupt police officer who gave evidence claiming that the young man had shouted, “Allah is a pedo”. There were 4 witnesses that told the court that he did not say what the police officer claimed. Despite this, and video evidence proving his innocence, he was found guilty by the far left magistrate, and must return for sentencing.

Via European Independant Media Centre – https://m.facebook.com/whitenewscentre?ref=m_notif&notif_t=photo_reply&__user=100004637683431


12 thoughts on “Kangaroo court finds brave young patriot guilty in blatant set up!

  1. Typical Britain now,we have become a Nazi state and we must now be at the beck and call of this bunch of paedophiles, that are followers of Islam and our courts judges aren’t much better either

  2. Allah (Muhammad) was a pedo. Muhammad according to Islam’s own holy books, proudly raped a 9 year old girl. Now, unless you believe a God would have approved, Allah is Muhammad, and Allah was therefore a paedophile.
    And it’s not racist to oppose paedophilia, or paedophile supporting cults.

    • Allah was a paedophile and so is anyone who follows the teachings of this criminal! The quran a hate filled piece of fantasy advocates child abuse, mutilation, murder and much more hate filled crimes. It should be banned!

  3. I agree with the outrage surrounding this article as far as our justice system goes. However, looking at the big picture when it comes to getting a Nationalist party elected. What these people have done is to set the marginal voters against those Nationalist parties. In my opinion these people have not thought out the long lasting effects of their actions and have done more harm to the Nationalist cause than good. I don’t blame them on the streets, I blame the leadership of the Nationalist parties or groups for not educating and managing their membership better. In this political war to get elected into power, we cannot keep aiming for short term satisfaction on what are in effect minor victories. We all must seriously think about the big political picture and aim to win that game once and for all. As your members will often say, nobody can tell me what to think or do and the long and short of it is that attitude is the problem that is defeating all of us every time.

  4. It would be a good thing if we started to organise support for ourselves because sure as God made those little green apples the law is going to go after anyone who doesn´t kiss Islamic arse. Pack and surround the courts. Support those who try to tell the truth.

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  6. The Muslim prophet, Mohammed WAS a paedophile. He married a six old child called Ayesha. Mohammed isn’t their god by the way, but he is regarded as their prophet. Like Christ is regarded as the son of god by christians but is not considered to be god.

  7. Lol all religion is shite!!!!
    Makes a mockery of being british!! Everyone too scared to do anything incase it offends!! Don’t the ‘pigs’ realize they offend muslims anyway!! 😈

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