Protect Our Children – Smash Child Grooming #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Evf


49+ Child Grooming cases currently under investigation throughout England which potentially involves 100s of Children. Recent cases in Yorkshirse, Rochdale, Manchester and Oxford are, I fear, just the tip of the iceberg that has swept accross the Country since the late 1990s.

From 1997-2013 there was almost 100 cases of Child Grooming of which only 6 of the offenders did not belong to the so called religion of peace. Its there staring everybody with an ounce of sense right in the face yet we’re told we cannot speak out against it and if we do we ourselves are victimised, branded racist and in many cases arrested for standing up against something that is blatantly true.

Various social service departments have failed these Children. Various Police forces have failed these Children. The Government has failed these Children. There is one community that is to blame and that is the Muslim community that along with the above mentioned sectors have swept these heinous crimes under the carpet for far to long.

This is a subject that I hold dearly to my heart because I can honestly think of nothing worse than snatching a Childs innocence away in the way that these animals do. Our Children are our future and we must do whatever we can no matter the cost to expose and eradicate these crimes from our communities.

The Fightback has already begun and must be pushed forward at a much greater pace in every sense of the word for the sake of our Children and our Childrens Children.


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Kangaroo court finds brave young patriot guilty in blatant set up!


Kangaroo court finds brave young patriot guilty in blatant set up!

Today, in a massive miscarriage of justice, an innocent young man has been convicted in a Manchester kangaroo court of “Racially Aggravated Section 4”.

Several months ago, a gang of Pakistani thugs attacked a group of white teenagers in Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester England.

Video if the incident here:

In the following week, various groups descended on the area, which has been massively overun with muslim immigrants, in protest at the attack, the latest of many attacks on whites in England following the murder of Soldier Lee Rigby, who was beheaded in broad daylight on a busy London street, by 2 black muslims.

A group of National Front members and supporters travelled to Ashton, the area of the attack on the teenagers, and demonstrated outside the biggest mosque in the area.

Within minuites, Manchester Police TAU, the heavy handed “wannabe SWAT team”, arrived and grabbed a 17 year old young man, man handled him and arrested him.

The Police officer claimed that the teenager had said “Allah is a pedo”, and arrested him on a charge of Racially Aggravated Section 4.

In the following video, showing the incident outside the mosque, it can clearly be seen that all the lad had said, was “Soldier killers, off our streets!” in reference to the murder of Lee Rigby.

The magistrate in court today said that even if it was proven that he didnt say, “Allah is a pedo”, and said” Soldier killers off our streets”, then that would still constitute as “offensive”, and result in a guilty verdict.

There was one corrupt police officer who gave evidence claiming that the young man had shouted, “Allah is a pedo”. There were 4 witnesses that told the court that he did not say what the police officer claimed. Despite this, and video evidence proving his innocence, he was found guilty by the far left magistrate, and must return for sentencing.

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