Boba Wilson Exposed


Say hello to Stu Smith aka Boba Wilson. Stu, or Boba as he calls himself on the interwebs has been around for quite a while now skulking about Anti groups/pages such as Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online, SLATEDL and EDL News posting Right Wingers pictures and personal details such as their places of work. Now its his turn.

Boba runs this Facebook page that gives this info :


ASMO (Anti Social Musik Order) is the ‘circuit bending’ project of artist and musician Stu Smith. He works with self made instruments custom built from the modified circuits of electronic toys, keyboards and other discarded gadgets. His work explores the sonic landscape of ‘circuit bent’ instruments and their integration into existing modular synthesizer systems. He writes and performs with the groups Threep and The Buoys and has performed at concerts and festivals across the UK, Europe and New York.

Since 2000 he has been co-director of Bathysphere, an artist led production company and label specializing in music and video. He is an accomplished video artist and graphic designer and has produced work for large scale performance installations at Lincoln Cathedral and Ashby Castle funded by Arts Council England and English Heritage.


This is his Facebook profile :

He lives in Leicester.

Hows that then Stu Bob??



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