Your Right to Peaceful Protest! A printable description of your rights available for Saturday anti IRA sympathiser. 20th July 2013

Liverpool "Scouse" Nationalists Blog


On Saturday 20th July 2013 we hereby notify the public and the police to our right to peacefully protest/counter protest the march/parade taking place from Park Road, Liverpool by specific individuals we have identified as IRA sympathisers and supporters of Terrorism.


Below details the following.


• Right to Peaceful Assembly – Article 11

• Right to Freedom of Expression – Article 10

• Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion – Article 9


The above and below forbids any public body, such as the police and local government, from acting in ways that conflict with the principles set out in the Human Rights Convention.


Peaceful protest it is a vital part of a democratic society and has a very long and respected tradition in the United Kingdom. Since the coming to force of the Human Rights Act we can finally say that we have a…

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