#NWFF vs #Burnley Council #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl


After the recent North West Frontline Firm demo held in Burnley the local council have taken it upon themselves to try and chase the organisers with an £820 bill. Laughable I know and in the whole pointless. Due to the fact that the organisers specifically told both the police and the council in the meetings that we didn’t want neither barriers nor toilets the council still insisted on putting them in place so in effect they have are trying to bill someone for things that they wanted in place. Nothing was signed either so they really are pissing in the wind.


Do you think Unite Against Fascism will have been billed for their counter protest? Are they ever? Do you think Burnley Council will get the money they are chasing? If you do then you’re as thick as them.


As from now I am personally putting Burnley Council on notice. If you want to play silly little games by trying to intimidate us by billing us so we wont come back to Burnley you’re making a big mistake. We will be back but we wont be telling you where or when we will be landing.

Stick your bill where the sun doesn’t shine. We’re the NWI and we pay for fuckall.

I’ll leave you with this Elvis Presley classic




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