Exclusive : Expose Admins Exposed #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl


Some of you will have heard of the Facebook group “Exposing Racism And Intolerance Online” but for those of you that haven’t here is a bit of a run down on them.

This group has for the past stalked members of patriotic groups allover the internet taking screenshots which have been passed onto groups like SLATEDL to use to get people sacked from jobs or in some cases have people arrested. They sit in their silly little group all day acting all high and mighty believing that only what they say is right and thrive off eachothers warped senses of humour. They are very anti patriot and extremely pro muslim and have even in the past been known to defend the likes of Qatada saying he had the right to stay in this country. They really are a fucked up bunch.

Anyway down to business. In the picture are members of the group, some we already knew who they were but some have done their upmost to keep their identities secret. In the picture are from left to right :

Gael Ferguson (Julie Blackadder)
Mikey Swales (Thought to be in Lancaster),
Janie Jones (Ellie Sweetman) 
Ed Woods
Hugh Manitee

Lets see how they like being EXPOSED shall we 🙂


18 thoughts on “Exclusive : Expose Admins Exposed #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl

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  2. Pretty bunch of people. They got the “not so good to look at syndrome” it affects people out look on everyone and makes them feel inadequate so they feel the need to feel really important and start there own little group up and there aim is to make other feel inadequate just like them! Really sad bunch

  3. Are they waiting for the happy bus to return them to day care? I wouldn’t want any of them near my children………….. FREAKSSSSS!

  4. “Hugh Manitee” That isn’t his real name is it? I think it’s a rip of either “humanity”, because he’s red hippy cunt, or seeing as he’s a fat bastard, “Huge Manitee” . Manitee being the sea cow.

    Either way I think someones having a larf.

    Good drills on the rest though.

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  6. You can see why they don’t like The #EDL or Soap or Getting a job or a life. They look like a bunch of nonces.

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  8. I’m not sure that the names/photos are right. But Janie Jones lives in Romford. The idiot used to post things to FB with her location identified on the posts.

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