Boba Wilson Exposed


Say hello to Stu Smith aka Boba Wilson. Stu, or Boba as he calls himself on the interwebs has been around for quite a while now skulking about Anti groups/pages such as Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online, SLATEDL and EDL News posting Right Wingers pictures and personal details such as their places of work. Now its his turn.

Boba runs this Facebook page that gives this info :


ASMO (Anti Social Musik Order) is the ‘circuit bending’ project of artist and musician Stu Smith. He works with self made instruments custom built from the modified circuits of electronic toys, keyboards and other discarded gadgets. His work explores the sonic landscape of ‘circuit bent’ instruments and their integration into existing modular synthesizer systems. He writes and performs with the groups Threep and The Buoys and has performed at concerts and festivals across the UK, Europe and New York.

Since 2000 he has been co-director of Bathysphere, an artist led production company and label specializing in music and video. He is an accomplished video artist and graphic designer and has produced work for large scale performance installations at Lincoln Cathedral and Ashby Castle funded by Arts Council England and English Heritage.


This is his Facebook profile :

He lives in Leicester.

Hows that then Stu Bob??



Teenage rape victims were abused in Wythenshawe flat

Wythenshawe Reporter

scales of justice uk court woman gold colin smith_0

Two vulnerable teenagers were passed around by a gang of men and raped while the girls were so drunk they were passing out and vomiting.

Brothers, Giash and Shamin Uddin and Robert Jackson were convicted of offences against girls in the care system aged 14 and 15, following a trial at Manchester Crown Court lasting more than six weeks.

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Your Right to Peaceful Protest! A printable description of your rights available for Saturday anti IRA sympathiser. 20th July 2013

Liverpool "Scouse" Nationalists Blog


On Saturday 20th July 2013 we hereby notify the public and the police to our right to peacefully protest/counter protest the march/parade taking place from Park Road, Liverpool by specific individuals we have identified as IRA sympathisers and supporters of Terrorism.


Below details the following.


• Right to Peaceful Assembly – Article 11

• Right to Freedom of Expression – Article 10

• Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion – Article 9


The above and below forbids any public body, such as the police and local government, from acting in ways that conflict with the principles set out in the Human Rights Convention.


Peaceful protest it is a vital part of a democratic society and has a very long and respected tradition in the United Kingdom. Since the coming to force of the Human Rights Act we can finally say that we have a…

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Exclusive : Expose Admins Exposed #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl


Some of you will have heard of the Facebook group “Exposing Racism And Intolerance Online” but for those of you that haven’t here is a bit of a run down on them.

This group has for the past stalked members of patriotic groups allover the internet taking screenshots which have been passed onto groups like SLATEDL to use to get people sacked from jobs or in some cases have people arrested. They sit in their silly little group all day acting all high and mighty believing that only what they say is right and thrive off eachothers warped senses of humour. They are very anti patriot and extremely pro muslim and have even in the past been known to defend the likes of Qatada saying he had the right to stay in this country. They really are a fucked up bunch.

Anyway down to business. In the picture are members of the group, some we already knew who they were but some have done their upmost to keep their identities secret. In the picture are from left to right :

Gael Ferguson (Julie Blackadder)
Mikey Swales (Thought to be in Lancaster),
Janie Jones (Ellie Sweetman) 
Ed Woods
Hugh Manitee

Lets see how they like being EXPOSED shall we 🙂

#NWFF vs #Burnley Council #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl


After the recent North West Frontline Firm demo held in Burnley the local council have taken it upon themselves to try and chase the organisers with an £820 bill. Laughable I know and in the whole pointless. Due to the fact that the organisers specifically told both the police and the council in the meetings that we didn’t want neither barriers nor toilets the council still insisted on putting them in place so in effect they have are trying to bill someone for things that they wanted in place. Nothing was signed either so they really are pissing in the wind.

Do you think Unite Against Fascism will have been billed for their counter protest? Are they ever? Do you think Burnley Council will get the money they are chasing? If you do then you’re as thick as them.


As from now I am personally putting Burnley Council on notice. If you want to play silly little games by trying to intimidate us by billing us so we wont come back to Burnley you’re making a big mistake. We will be back but we wont be telling you where or when we will be landing.

Stick your bill where the sun doesn’t shine. We’re the NWI and we pay for fuckall.

I’ll leave you with this Elvis Presley classic