Yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl


Today (26.62013) has seen yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne by members of the so called religion of peace

Witness account :


A twenty year old girl witnessed a vicious assault on a white lad, aged between 25-30 years old, by two Asian (Muslim) men in Ashton at the bottom of Penny Meadow, adjacent to the taxi rank and market hall. This happened at 3.35 pm today (26/06/13) One of the attackers was punching the victim in the body and head, whilst the other was swinging a piece of wood around the white lads head. The attackers were also aged around 25-30 years old.What was most upsetting was nobody stopped to help the victim, despite a row of taxis with their drivers in the cabs. Also a lot of mums were there with children as they were on there way home from school.She rang the police at 4.15pm when she got home to make a statement. She described what had happened, and they rang her back to let her know that others had also made statements and arrests had been made, she was then told that the police would have no further contact with her.

Saturday the 6th July sees the North West Infidels and Casuals United heading to Ashton to hold a demonstration to highlight issues such as this. Anyone is welcome to attend so get there and show your support.

Enough is enough.


8 thoughts on “Yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl

  1. To right enough is enough when is our police force and goverment going to stand up for these pieces of shit, stop letting them get away with it everytime. If it was the other way round they would hunt us down till they found us then put us in prison but not these dirty pieces of shit there bloody scared to do anything to them. They should get the same punishment as we would, get a grip and do as they do to us.

  2. I was banned for 12 hrs by the Left-book For leaving this comment on the original post for this information…because some dickhead said…”Awww do have to use the term Paki?”

    “Stick your PC shit….Pakistan is run by the frigging Taliban you morons….more often than not they ARE Paki’s muzrats whatever you want tio call them…It’s always the same outcome….a Brit dying, getting beaten up or raped or all of the above…TREE HUGGERS got us into this situation in the first shitting place.”

  3. Reblogged this on muslamicrayguns and commented:
    Get to the demo on 6th July.
    These are racist attacks, whatever the media say (or don’t say is more to the point!)
    Teenagers were attacked at a bus stop for no reason and when one of them, a 14 year old girl, posted a video of it she got seriously bullied online just for sharing the video.
    We go where we want and we say what we want and we will share whatever videos of racist attacks we want.
    Just sayin’ like.

  4. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Liberal “experts” on “racism” define “racism” as “prejudice+power”. Derived from Judeo-Christianity , the “strong”, the “oppressors”, do not have the right to protect themselves from the “weak”, the “oppressed”. Why is “racism” judged by enemy “experts”, while Islam is supposed to be judged by its own “experts” (imams) as well as friendly ones (“anti-racists”)? A new moral system has to be found.

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