great come backs we use

Ban Islam

Q: Why are you doing this?

 A: Because we can.


 Q: No seriously, you must have a reason for creating this page?!

 A: We do. We created this page to prove that Muslims cannot control us. Not now nor in the future will there ever be a time when we will submit to your will. We are free people and you will never tell us what to do.


 Q: We don’t want to control you. We just want you not to insult our religion. Can’t you understand?

 A: This is a contradiction. How can you say “you don’t want to control us” when you’re telling us what to do in the same sentence? If you don’t like what you see on this page, go somewhere else.


 Q: But, you insulting a Muhummad that we have a great deal of respect for? How would you feel if we…

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