Kuwait hangs ‘monster’ child rapist *video*(Warning!-Graphic!)

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KUWAIT CITY : Authorities in Kuwait on Tuesday hanged a 33-year-old Egyptian man dubbed a “monster” for the abduction and rape of 17 children under the age of 10, the public prosecution said.

Hajjaj Saadi, who was handed five death sentences, complained shortly  before his execution that had not been given any assistance from the Egyptian  government, a witness said.

Saadi strongly denied in court that he had committed any of the crimes,  which shocked the Kuwaiti public, and insisted his confessions were extracted  under duress.

Arrested in July 2007 as he prepared to board a flight to Luxor in Egypt,  he became known as “the Hawalli monster” for the district near Kuwait City  where the crimes took place.

The authorities said Saadi had confessed to raping 17 boys and girls after  luring them onto rooftops in Hawalli, an area mainly inhabited by foreigners 12  kilometres (seven…

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