Sam Cantley attacks Lee Rigby #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Woolwich


This is Sam Cantley from London. Below is a picture that he has posted on Facebook on which he says Lee Rigby deserved what he got.


What a twat. If anyone knows this sorry excuse of a human being be sure to give him a good talking to. In a friendly way of course.

Here’s his Facebook profile :


31 thoughts on “Sam Cantley attacks Lee Rigby #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Woolwich

  1. you fucking little prick hope you die a horrible death your the cunt id love to meet you just hope your fucking proud to be a wanker

  2. You snarly cunt . He was one of us .pure british.what gives you the right . Lucky i don’t see you because I’ll be putting you 6 feet under . Go die in a whole you sick waste of a life .

  3. I had a reply from him after telling him some home truths! this is the conversation which i have a screen shot of!

    (From me to him)
    Sure your Facebook has been hacked you horrible little cunt! sickens me to know i went to fight so little scrotes like you can voice your shite! Pray we never meet knobhead!!!!!

    (his reply to me)
    Hahahaha he deserved to die allah will watch over me

    One word for this Knob! CUNT!!!!

  4. he is a little nob head i would lv to knock him out sam is a prick i hope he gets fiilled in lee is a hero and he all ways will be god bless lee rigby no surrender r i p lee rigby

  5. he wants a reaction…. my reaction would be to arrange a good kicking for him…. his facebook page via the link doesn’t exsist anymore…. his little convert arse started twitchin…..

  6. The words of a child that has no direction in life and feel comments like his makes him a man.
    if anyone is going to respond to his actions remember don’t lower your self his actions will be with him for the rest of his life.

    WO1 Perrie Ex-Army

  7. This is where cancer would have a good use, I would feel great gratitude dousing the neglected little twat with a large tin of the stuff. Allah will look over you while I do it you fucking turd.

  8. That SONOFAB*TCH!!!! If I catch you, yer head is gonna be rearranged to where the son don’t shine you OXYGENTHEIVINGPUTRIDSTUPIDSHITTYFUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!!!!! Sleep with one eye open, coz I’m after you…. Got it?

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