Steven Brookes. *Important* #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Ukip #Woolwich #Northampton

Dont you just love it when silly wankers come fishing for info on our lads but forget to close their Facebook profiles.


Say hello to Steven Brookes the accountant who works in one of Nationwides Northampton branches.

Steven came on our page asking for one of our lads addresses but made the novice mistake of not closing his profile first so I took the liberty of having a quick look through. He is very anti right wing and his profile is littered with Labour pictures and even a shabbily made Hope not Hate banner (see below).

Why would a red cunt want one of our lads details? Well you’re not having them Steveo.

Judging by this screenshot dated the 1st June I’d say he was out disrupting Lee Rigby events because that is the only thing that was happening on that date that Hope not Hate were involved in.


If you recognise this banner please contact us at the Nwi Fightback IV page.

Here’s Stevie boy in all his (not so) glory
Facebook :


Seems he has a strange fetish for Spam aswell



Bon soi.

Nwi Fightback Facebook page :


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