Forgotten By Political Correctness. The Race Hate Murders Against Whites Forgotten For The Sake Of Racial Cohesion. By Kyle Huyton

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ImageThese are racially motivated murders and sexual exploitation. Such cases cited as examples of the lack of attention the media and society give to white sufferers of racist attacks compared to that given to ethnic “minorities”, with organisations such as the BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation) later admitting failing to cover the cases sufficiently. It is also suggested these crimes demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism so as to no longer exclude white victims. 


•KRISS DONALD. Kriss Donald (2 July 1988 – 15 March 2004). Kris was a Scottish fifteen-year-old white male who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in Glasgow in 2004 by a gang of men of Pakistani descent, some of whom fled to Pakistan after the crime.


Daanish Zahid, Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid, and Mohammed Faisal Mustaq were later found guilty of racially motivated murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. A fifth participant in…

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great come backs we use

Ban Islam

Q: Why are you doing this?

 A: Because we can.


 Q: No seriously, you must have a reason for creating this page?!

 A: We do. We created this page to prove that Muslims cannot control us. Not now nor in the future will there ever be a time when we will submit to your will. We are free people and you will never tell us what to do.


 Q: We don’t want to control you. We just want you not to insult our religion. Can’t you understand?

 A: This is a contradiction. How can you say “you don’t want to control us” when you’re telling us what to do in the same sentence? If you don’t like what you see on this page, go somewhere else.


 Q: But, you insulting a Muhummad that we have a great deal of respect for? How would you feel if we…

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Yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl


Today (26.62013) has seen yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne by members of the so called religion of peace

Witness account :


A twenty year old girl witnessed a vicious assault on a white lad, aged between 25-30 years old, by two Asian (Muslim) men in Ashton at the bottom of Penny Meadow, adjacent to the taxi rank and market hall. This happened at 3.35 pm today (26/06/13) One of the attackers was punching the victim in the body and head, whilst the other was swinging a piece of wood around the white lads head. The attackers were also aged around 25-30 years old.What was most upsetting was nobody stopped to help the victim, despite a row of taxis with their drivers in the cabs. Also a lot of mums were there with children as they were on there way home from school.She rang the police at 4.15pm when she got home to make a statement. She described what had happened, and they rang her back to let her know that others had also made statements and arrests had been made, she was then told that the police would have no further contact with her.

Saturday the 6th July sees the North West Infidels and Casuals United heading to Ashton to hold a demonstration to highlight issues such as this. Anyone is welcome to attend so get there and show your support.

Enough is enough.

Islamic Terrorist Organization Places Bounty on Infidel Webpage Administrators

sharia unveiled

Islamic Socialist Network (resized)

*See update at bottom

by, Schuyler Montague

While researching our story yesterday on the recent removal of Counterjihad pages by Facebook, we uncovered some very disturbing information.  In an attempt to locate the source of the Islamic onslaught against the freedom of expression, we ventured down the rabbit hole of Islamic hate.  And what we discovered when we got there, tucked away in a dark corner, was a website operated by a terrorist organization called the Islamic Socialist Network.

It didn’t take very long to figure out once we located the website under the name of the “Union Star Network” that we were dealing with something much bigger than a 20-year-old muslim boy in his mom’s basement.  And, if there were any doubts, they quickly faded when we saw photos of Facebook page administrators on “Wanted” posters, offering cash rewards of up to $1 Million for personal information such…

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Ashton Under Lyne Demo #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl #AshtonUnderLyne #Manchester


13:00 – 14:30

On the 6th July the North West Infidels along with Casuals United will be hosting a demonstration to highlight racist attacks on White youths in the area and the petty sentences handed down to those who commit them.

LiveLeak video of a racist attack in Ashton :

We have arranged for two public houses to be opened at 11am on the day but we will not be releasing the names of them until the 4th July.

We will be marching the same route that the recent EDL march took and from there we will be holding speeches at the Cenotaph.

The speekers are as follows :

North West Infibelle (North West Infidels)
Lee Marsh (Casuals United)
Admin S (True British Patriots)
Ashford Under Lyne Resident (Father of one of the young lads that was recently attacked by muslim youths in Ashton)

This demonstration is open to all organisations so get yourselves there and show the people of Ashton Under Lyne the support they deserve.

See you on the 6th July.

Facebook event page :

North West Infidels :

Casuals United :

Facebook Assaults the Constitution: Removes Counterjihad and Patriot Pages Without Warning

sharia unveiled

Facebook Dislike (resized)

Facebook Submits to Islam and Tyranny

by, J. Schuyler Montague |  sharia unveiled

Over the past few days, Facebook has unleashed a complete assault on the Constitution of the United States.  Apparently, the first amendment is null and void at Facebook Corporate.  It appears that “..freedom of speech” and “..freedom of the press” are merely antiquated notions that have passed their prime, as well as their expiration dates. 

We have received several statements from administrators of various educational pages that focused on the subject matter of Islam.  Administrators, as well as guests were utterly shocked when they logged into their Facebook accounts and discovered that their pages had just “disappeared” without reason, nor explanation.  Well, not exactly without reason…

There has been a massive campaign in progress by various muslim organizations and individuals to get these pages removed for quite some time now.  We found this page dating back…

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Kuwait hangs ‘monster’ child rapist *video*(Warning!-Graphic!)

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

KUWAIT CITY : Authorities in Kuwait on Tuesday hanged a 33-year-old Egyptian man dubbed a “monster” for the abduction and rape of 17 children under the age of 10, the public prosecution said.

Hajjaj Saadi, who was handed five death sentences, complained shortly  before his execution that had not been given any assistance from the Egyptian  government, a witness said.

Saadi strongly denied in court that he had committed any of the crimes,  which shocked the Kuwaiti public, and insisted his confessions were extracted  under duress.

Arrested in July 2007 as he prepared to board a flight to Luxor in Egypt,  he became known as “the Hawalli monster” for the district near Kuwait City  where the crimes took place.

The authorities said Saadi had confessed to raping 17 boys and girls after  luring them onto rooftops in Hawalli, an area mainly inhabited by foreigners 12  kilometres (seven…

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