#UAF In Bed With Terrorist Butcher What A Surprise #casualsunited #woolwich #adebolajo #sea #nwi


Please read this Blog: 2009: Lee Rigby’s Killer Woolwich Islamic Jihadist Michael Adebolajo Spoke At UAF Anti EDL & SIOE Event [Video] Update: UK PM David Cameron Signatory To UAF’s Founding Statement

uaf in bed 1

Some screenshots from their Blog:
uaf in bed 2uaf in bed 3uaf in bed 4
But best to read their Blog for the whole story.
See there they have proof that David Cameron endorses a group who entertain the likes of Michael Adebolajo at their counter-protests.
Who is sick now, Dave?
You still want to endorse their group now, do you Dave?

These individuals peddle their hate, they accuse ME PERSONALLY and my friends of hijacking this for our own “politics”. Well, I will tell you now, Dave, I spoke to a Nigerian lady today about what has happened and that I have been accused of this. She told me that she was more upset because she was Nigerian herself.
(“Upset” hardly covers it though really does it…

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