Hope not Hates attempts to disrupt Lee Rigby memorials (Video enclosed) #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Woolwich


A little while ago we signed up to the Hope not Hate newsletter via their ever so helpful email service that anyone can sign up to so we could keep up to date with anything they had planned.

Today when I woke up and checked my emails there was one sat there from no other than the annoying supposed comedian Eddie Izzard that contains a letter that they are asking people to sign as a show of solidarity against the Edl and their respectful silent marches that are being held up and down the Country on Saturday 1st June. Here it is

Latest E-mail from Hope not Hate. This one’s from Eddie Izzard and this is going in the Daily Mirror tomorrow.


Even for the EDL, this is staggeringly low.

At up to 60 demos tomorrow — more than we’ve seen in a long time — the EDL will gather to put their hate-fuelled ignorance on show, using the horrific death of Drummer Lee Rigby as their pitiful excuse.

Now is the time to show that fair-minded people in Britain far outnumber EDL hatemongers. Are you with us?

The letter below will be printed in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror. One click now and you can add your name in support.

To: The Editor, Daily Mirror From: Lucy

We Are The Many

Today, the violent English Defence League will hold demonstrations in towns and cities across our country, trying to spread their message of hate. By blaming all Muslims for the terrible murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, the EDL will attempt to whip up a climate of fear and violence towards the Muslim community in Britain.

But the EDL will fail. They will fail because we, the British people, reject their ignorance.

The EDL and Islamic extremists are more similar to each other than to us. They share a violent, hate-fuelled desire for conflict and war, and we will not let either group tear our country apart.

We condemn the shameful rise in anti-Muslim violence since Drummer Rigby’s killing. The fair-minded majority of Britons understand that a community cannot be blamed for the actions of just two. We know that the EDL does not speak for all Britain, just as we know that Muslim extremists do not speak for all Muslims.

We, the British people, shun the EDL’s message of hate today because they do not speak for us. We are confident that HOPE will prevail. It will prevail because they are the few, and we are — and always will be — the many.



In hope and solidarity, — Eddie


Now these events are all about respect and are being attended by members of the public just like last weeks events but, like last week, these idiots are hell bent on ruining it for everyone. Below is a screenshot from the Manchester Edl parade. It’s a crying shame that people are having to warned that Unite Against Fascism will be turning up to disrupt silent marches that are intended to show respect for a soldier that has been hacked to death by militant Islamists on British soil.


Last week we held a demo in Manchester at which we held a speech that highlighted Islamification and also what happened to Lee Rigby. The speech was interrupted by the crustys of Unite Against Fascism. Video here :


After that speech we went to St Peters Cenotaph to hold a two minutes silence which was also disrupted by UAF. Why shout through a two minutes silence for a murdered soldier??

This Saturday (1st June) there are silent marches being held up and down the Country for Lee Rigby so go on the internet and find your local one and attend. If UAF, Hope not Hate or anyone else turn up trying to disrupt them just simply turn away and ignore them. They have no respect as they have shown.

Hope not Hate your cards are marked. We know where your meetings are being held because you told us.

North West Infidels.

Facebook page : https://m.facebook.com/NwiFightbackIiii?__user=100004637683431


2 thoughts on “Hope not Hates attempts to disrupt Lee Rigby memorials (Video enclosed) #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Woolwich

  1. Reblogged this on muslamicrayguns and commented:
    These individuals (we can’t say “people” as they are not human) are absolutely appalling and disgusting. They’ve done a doubletake. They accuse the people holding these marches as hijacking this horrendous attack for their own politics, when in reality, it’s exactly what Hope not Hate (shouldn’t that be Hate not Hope?) and UAF are doing. Hypocrite scum.

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