Bobby Birch – UAF Plans to disrupt Silent Walks for Lee Rigby #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited


Here we give you Bobby Birch of Unite Against Fascism. Bobby here used to be an active member of the Leeds Division of the English Division but for reasons unknown decided to switch over to the Anti Fascist side of things. Maybe it was because members of Leeds Edl had to keep pulling him to one side and have a word in his shell like about the strange odour that came from his body. I think thats why anyway.

Here’s Bobby at an Edl demo. Ginge in the middle of the flag. Funny looking fucker, no not that one. Yeah him.


Heres another of him at the Dewsbury demo. Take a thought for the poor girl stood next to him whilst he’s got his arm in the air. (See earlier comments about bad smell) No wonder she’s keeping her distance.



Now we’ve seen him at Edl demos lets see him in full flow on the other side of the spectrum with Unite Against Fascism protesting against us in Manchester last week and disrupting a speech on Islamification and Lee Rigby. Bobby boy is the one in the blue Newcastle top in this video

Scummy little bastard isnt he. This weekend Bobby and his friends from UAF plan to disrupt the Silent Walk For Lee Rigby events that are happening around the Country. Bobby lives in Guiseley which is just outside Leeds so will be more than likely at the Leeds event trying his upmost to disrupt the silence. He is a traitor to himself and his Country and should be treat as such. You know what to do.

Proof that the fucker stinks. He can’t even cope with it himself.


5 thoughts on “Bobby Birch – UAF Plans to disrupt Silent Walks for Lee Rigby #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited

  1. spotted him loads in the past, used to wear the exploited jacket, he probably did want to fight islamofascism to begin with until he realised he was surrounded by racist/fascist cunts like you?

  2. Had the displeasure of sharing a train carriage with this filthy bastard and I can honestly say that I smelt him before I saw the ugly ****. Apart from his obvious learning difficulties (let’s face it anybody who joins the UAF has some) he has serious personal hygiene issues and should fit left in over there with them other smelly cabbages.

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