Simon Ireland From #EDLNews On The Islam Channel #casualsunited #sea #ukip #nwi


edl news islam channel

I wonder why this man is speaking on the Islam Channel on behalf of EDLNews?

Maybe EDLNews and Islamists are in bed together?

But we knew that anyway.
We’ve seen them defend them enough times. We’ve seen them defend paedophiles and muslim grooming gangs. Weyman “Foamy” Bennett (UAF) and Martin “Comrade Delta” Smith (SWP sex case) even held counter demonstrations when people went to demo about grooming gangs.
Weyman Bennett held a counter demonstration when the EDL went to the Home Office to protest about Abu Qatada. When he realised he looked like a prat he went home then lied about why he thought we were there. He said he thought we were there to protest about foreign workers there. Wanker.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder about the exact Nature of their relationship, EDLNews and islamists… Doesn’t It? 😉

S.D. xxx

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