Nathan Hanley – Muslim Nonce #Nwi #Casuals #Edl


Most of you will probably have heard of Nathan Hanley, formerly of Bolton.

Incase you don’t here’s a bit about him. Nathan used to be part of the Bolton Division of the English Defence League but when it became public knowledge that Nathan had a bad habit of touching his disabled sister, abusing his mother, giving his dying dog cannabis, taking the piss out of Tottenham fans that had been stabbed and having relationships with underage girls he was, understandably, booted from the division.

The next three screenshots were taken in 2011 which would have made Nathan 19 and the girl (who we wont name) 15. Nathan went onto have a relationship with this underage girl until her parents rightly stepped in and put a stop to it.




Here’s Nathan again admitting that one of the reasons he was booted from the Edl was because he took the piss out of Tottenham fans that had been stabbed in Rome and also having a pop at Casuals United and the English Defence League.


This next one is of Nathan wishing death on all those that were at the Dewsbury demo. The one were the muslims planned a terrorist attack but were thankfully foiled. Nathan wishes they had succeeded and points out that there will other times to do it. Anything you’d like to inform us of Nathan? Cunt.


Nearly done now. This little gem is aimed at us Infidels.


Ok last one. Nathan here shows how far he has gone over to the other side by quoting the Quran. Not only is he a treacherous little twat that now sides with the reds but now he is also a Muslim with extremist tendancies and a habit of kiddy fiddling. Proper little muslim now aren’t you Nathan.


If anyone has any info on the whereabouts of Mr Hanley then feel free to contact us in full confidence.

North West Infidels

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7 thoughts on “Nathan Hanley – Muslim Nonce #Nwi #Casuals #Edl

  1. Nathan your a pervert, i feel sorry for your mum cause shes gonna have to go through more shit when someone catches you and kills you, you cunt your fucking allah can’t save you. Pervert

  2. Reblogged this on muslamicrayguns and commented:
    This guy always had his problems and doesn’t anyone BUT … he’s now got his new “friends”

    And they really care about him don’t they. Because look at the state of the c*nts head now. And they accuse “Fashists” of exploiting vulnerable people. LOL.
    Apparently also, Kate Porelli has his Facebook login details.

    Kate Porelli is supposed to be a legitimate member of our civilised society, she says she’s a “Self employed proof reader”.
    I believe her because she is so ANAL.

    But they have rinsed this bloke to fuck and exploited him.

    Happy days for the communists.
    Are you happy now? Look at the state of the bloke now.

    Yes, if you know where he is now, call him a Doctor.

  3. This nonce is obviously sympathetic with Islam as the Koran can be justifiable described as the “Paedophile’s Handbook”.

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